The Influence of Work Organizational Culture on the Performance of Health Workers at Abdoel Wahab Sjahranie Hospital


  • Suwanto Suwanto ITKES Wiyata Husada Samarinda
  • Dwi Ida Puspita Sari ITKES Wiyata Husada Samarinda
  • Andik Supriyatno ITKES Wiyata Husada Samarinda


Performance, organization, involment, adaptability, consistency, mission


Culture is accepted by an organization as the foundation of the management system applied to it and as a guideline for the behavior of its members. A strong organizational culture helps employees clearly understand the tasks assigned by the organization and has a major influence on the performance of organizational members. HOSPITAL. This study used a cross-sectional study using a simple regression test with a significance level of 0.05. The population in this study were 90 civil servants administrative staff at Abdoel Whab Sjahranie Hospital. Respondents get a research tool in the form of a questionnaire or questionnaire to answer. The results of research with simple regression statistical tests show that culture. The organization includes commitment, consistency, adaptability, and mission which have a significant effect on employee performance. The conclusion of this study is that organizational culture has a strong significant influence on employee performance at Abdoel Wahab Sjahranie Hospital.


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